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Source: istock

British Politician Keeps A Tarantula On His Desk, And We're Slightly Terrified

By Mark Pygas

The United Kingdom's defense secretary, Michael Fallon, has resigned after he was accused of making inappropriate "'lewd" comments towards Minister of Energy and Climate Change, Andrea Leadsom. Fallon quit on Wednesday, saying his general conduct fell short of expected standards, but has "categorically denied" the allegations. It's a huge bombshell which has echo'd through the British government and will have dire repercussions for Fallon.

The claims, made by The Sun and Daily Mail, date back to 2010 to 2012, when the two were members of the same parliamentary committee. The newspapers claim that Fallon was forced to quit when Leadsom complained to Prime Minister Theresa May about the alleged incident. The accusations resurfaced after a global movement involving many high profile men accused of being inappropriate towards women.

Fallon will be replaced by Gavin Williamson, a rather unknown member of parliament, but (in)famous for keeping a pet tarantula, Cronus, on his desk. Pretty creepy right? Many aren't sure why Williamson does it, but it's certainly a conversation piece. Perhaps it's an intimidation tactic which would most certainly work for the feint of heart who aren't big into giant spiders. We're curious whether or not Cronus will be making the trip to the big show with Williamson on his transition into the defense secretary role.