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Kellyanne Conway Suggests Microwaves Are Capable Of Spying On Us
Kellyanne Conway, the queen of Alternative Facts, claimed that our microwaves can turn into cameras and spy on us in response to a question on Donald Trump's unproven claim that Former President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.
Rookie mistake.
No one expects evidence from Kellyanne anymore, but her claims are becoming more absurd by the day. Entertaining, but absurd.
She ended up in the internet's crosshairs, yet again.
She then went on CNN and told Chris Cuomo, "I'm not Inspector Gadget, I don't believe that people are using the microwave to spy on the Trump campaign."
Oh, Kellyanne...
The internet was obligated to respond.
With Kellyanne around, life has begun to imitate satire.
We know this won't be the last faux pas from her.

At least it's good television.