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Waffles & Syrup Oreos Are The Newest Threat To Your Summer Diet

Waffles & Syrup Oreos Are The Newest Threat To Your Summer Diet
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1 year ago

Remember the abomination that were Peeps Oreos?

Not only did the cookies look gross, not only did they taste gross, but they also turned your tongue bright pink.

Listen, I can't be mad at Nabisco for making the odd bad Oreo, but in my opinion, some of the flavors are super gross, like those Swedish Fish and Sherbert flavored ones. But oftentimes when they think outside the flavor box, they do it 100 percent right.

And I have to say, these Waffles & Syrup flavored Oreos sound pretty darn amazing.

Candyhunting reported that the newest cookie flavor are debuting today, May 8. According to Delish, they'll be available at Albertson's stores and will retail for $4.49 each. From the packaging, it looks like it comes with a vanilla based biscuit and a syrup-flavored creme, or it could be vice versa. Honestly, I don't care, I just want to try these bad boys with some milk and pretend like I'm in some roadside diner while on a road trip through the southern East Coast.

That's not the only flavor the cookie manufacturer's reportedly putting out: Mississippi Mud Pie is apparently another flavor we'll be getting this summer.

You heard it here first! New Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos will be out this summer!

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With the two new flavors, it's entirely possible to eat Oreos for breakfast and dessert. That is, if you care more about flavor profiles than, you know, actual nutritional content or calories.

You can also expect some Fireworks Oreos, just in time for Memorial Day.

It looks like they're packed with pop-rocks, because apparently they pop in your mouth when you eat them. Which of these three new flavors are you excited for this summer?

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