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Source: facebook

Mom Writes About Discrimination Her Baby Experienced by Flight Crew for His Rare Condition


A mom is calling out a flight crew on social media for the insensitive reaction they had towards her son's genetic skin condition.

Traveling on a plane is stressful as it is. Not only is the process usually really expensive, but there's so many factors to consider: extra time for security check-ups, possible delays, connecting flights, and the ever-shrinking leg room in economy class.

All of these issues become compounded when you're travelling with a baby. You need to allot yourself even more time to take the little tykes to the bathroom/changing their diapers. Then there's the whole process of feeding them: you need enough space to prepare their bottle if you're formula feeding them or pouring in some pumped milk. Finding a spot to breastfeed your kids is problematic too because you never know if you're going to have a jerk around who takes offense to a mother feeding their child.

Ask any parent and they'll tell you how grateful they are whenever a flight crew makes any type of accommodation or consideration, no matter how little, when they're travelling with a child. It feels great to know that there's someone out there who sympathizes with your struggle, if only for a brief moment, during such a stressful situation.

So you can only imagine mom Jordan Flake's horror when her and her baby were booted from a flight.