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Was This Guy Wrong for Bringing a Girl on a Guy's Trip? His Girlfriend Thinks So



I'd argue that a certain amount of jealousy is healthy in a relationship for some people. I know when those emotions start to burrow inside of me, I feel as if there's a potential threat on the horizon and I feel more compelled than ever to just do better as a partner. Sure, I should be mature enough or whatever to mind my p's and q's, and while I know that in knowledge, just the feeling that someone else might be honing in on my S.O. helps to compel me to just do better.

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However, there are definitely some people who take their jealousy a bit too far for their own good and ultimately tank a situation as a result. And this Redditor who posted to the AITA sub believes that his girlfriend is guilty of just that.

OP wanted to know if he was in the wrong for going on a camping trip with his friends, Lachlan, Oliver, Daniel, Oscar, and Monty. Monty is female, which doesn't sit right with OP's girlfriend, Molly.

Monty regularly goes out with the guys on fishing and camping trips, and OP says that neither him nor his friends sexualize her, and the six of them all enjoy each other's company.

It's also seems like it's highly unlikely Monty will develop romantic feelings for OP and the other four guys in the group because she's gay and engaged. She even wants OP to be the best man at her upcoming wedding.

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That little fact doesn't seem to matter to Molly. In fact, it may make things worse because, as OP says, she is "a bit homophobic." While it sounds like problems between Molly and OP started a while back, things came to a head after OP came back from a recent camping trip with his whole group of friends, including Monty.

This sent Molly into a fit of rage. She accused OP of loving Monty more than her, smashed one of his "glass collectibles."

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She also said that OP lied to her and said that the camping trip was actually a "boy's trip", which OP avers was never the case.

He also told Molly that after seeing the way she was behaving that yes, he did love Monty more than her. OP followed it up by asking her to pay for the collectible she broke, and to stop being homophobic after she called Monty a "f*g".

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Molly stormed out, and he received an angry call from her mother, basically telling OP that he wouldn't "find someone as good as her", to which OP had some harsh words and hung up the phone in anger.

OP wanted to know if he was in the wrong for the way he reacted to his girlfriend, but it seems like the majority of people on Reddit thought he did the right thing.

Source: Reddit
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Source: Reddit

Some got on his case though for not dumping his girlfriend earlier, just due to the fact that was homophobic. They also thought it was suspect that she had a problem with the fact he had a friend who was a member of the opposite sex.

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Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

Although no one is agreeing that he's the a-hole, they wish they could have had more information on the argument and thought that he was too quick to offer his girlfriend an ultimatum.

What do you think? Is OP completely in the clear? Or could he have handled things a bit better?

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