jennifer aniston pandemic christmas ornament cover
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Jennifer Aniston Causes Uproar on Twitter for Joke About "Pandemic Christmas"


Dec. 28 2020, Updated 11:25 a.m. ET

When faced with adversity and depressing situations, there are plenty of people who turn to humor as a mechanism to help them get through it. There are several studies that have looked at this phenomenon in even the worst of times, in fact, there have been records of concentration camp prisoners using this form of expression as a means of coping with and even surviving the Holocaust.

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There are many individuals however who argue that there is a fine line between making a joke at someone's expense and making one to help make a situation easier to live through. And when it comes to a recent photo of a customized Christmas ornament that Jennifer Aniston uploaded to Twitter, folks are divided.

The Friends star uploaded a customized wooden ornament marked with the phrase "Our first Pandemic 2020". Throngs of people responded to the tweet, penning Jennifer's tweet as either being callous and removed from reality.

The ornament photo appeared on her Instagram story, which also included pics of her dogs: Clyde and a new pupper by the name of Lord Chesterfield as she spent her 2020 Christmas at home.

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It was the Christmas ornament that received the most attention online, however. Some people asked outright, "Is Jennifer Aniston okay?" While others wrote, "I've had enough of rich people....." and "celebrities really live in a different world." There was a general consensus that the actress was mitigating the deleterious effects the pandemic had on humanity, citing the 1.77 million global death count as plenty of reason to not "joke" about the far-reaching virus.