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Is Nadal Retiring? Well, One of Them Is



When a topic is trending on social media, it usually grabs the attention of people who like to stay up to date. News stories that have captured a lot of attention will trend. New music releases or albums will often trend, and big news in the sports world is something that may trend as well. When "nadal retirement" started trending earlier on May 28, panic set in for fans of tennis star Rafael Nadal. 

"Nadal retirement" upset fans on Twitter.

When the phrase started trending on Twitter, the retirement was announced to be related to an injury. For fans of Rafeal Nadal, a Spanish tennis player who is currently ranked world No. 2 in men's singles tennis by the Association of Tennis Professionals, the trending topic was upsetting.  

After all, Rafael had just a few days ago announced that he was back to training after taking some time off since the Grand Slam was postponed due to the coronavirus. 

Rafael took to Twitter with a video saying, "Hello everyone, here I am, finally back on court. Happy to be back to my practices." He added, “I’m super happy, too, that the kids can practise again here at the Rafa Nadal Academy. They are happy, and that’s the most important thing.”

When "nadal retirement" started trending, people were confused and upset — however they quickly realized the mix-up.

Nadal, the horse, was retiring, not Rafael Nadal.

There was a mix-up as another sports star with the same name — Nadal, the racehorse — was the one retiring due to an injury. 

According to Bloodhorse, a publication dedicated to horse racing, the undefeated racehorse sustained an injury.  "Nadal, one of the early favorites for the Kentucky Derby Presented by Woodford Reserve (G1), has been retired with a left front lateral condylar fracture," the publication reported.

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George Bolton, co-owner of the horse, told the publication, "It requires two screws. He is now going to become a stallion. It's very sad, obviously. I just got the call this morning. It's a call you never want to get in horse racing." Adding, "He retires undefeated. He retires, thank God, on a soon-to-be recovery. He gave us four great races." 

While the injury and retirement of Nadal the horse is sad, people were confused on Twitter.

Understandably, some panicked when they saw Nadal was retiring. Perhaps even Rafa himself was a little confused. And while we're sad for Nadal the racehorse, it seems all of us Rafa fans are happy he's staying on the court. 

However, people were able to laugh at the mix-up, too.

And others suggested that there should have been another word placed after to differentiate between the two sports. 

All and all, the fact that Nadal is retiring due to an injury is upsetting — always harder to accept a retirement when it's an injury that takes a great athletic star out of the running, even if he is a horse. 

"Hate seein anybody forced into retirement, but Nadal is gonna have a great life," one Twitter user wrote. Adding, "And he's finally gonna be free of any cheatin, druggin, horse killin a--holes. It's actually the best thing that could happen to that wonderful colt." 

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