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Source: Warner Bros. / Twitter

People Share the Worst Things Others Said to Them When They Were Pregnant


I don't know how it happens, but it seems a pregnant person ceases to be a person to certain folks. All of a sudden, they become just a vessel for another human being. People have zero trouble telling pregnant people exactly how they should be feeling, acting, and thinking. When you're pregnant, suddenly strangers, and even family and friends, become medical experts.

They think they can touch your belly and judge your diet and make insensitive comments about your situation. Being pregnant and giving birth are two of the hardest things the human body can endure. Pregnant people don't need input from the peanut gallery while they're growing humans inside of them. But they get it, nonetheless. 

Writer and historian Elle Maruska recently asked people on Twitter to share the worst things others said to them when they were pregnant, and oh lord, they did. The responses are appalling.