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Source: twitter

FAFSA's Response to This High School Student's Extravagant Prom Video Is Priceless


A high school student how great she and her friends looked for prom with a slickly-edited hype music video ended up getting roasted by none other than FAFSA.

Saving money for college is a real struggle in the United States, so much so that people are literally prostituting themselves to afford tuition.

You could either do that or basically condemn yourself to a lifetime of indentured servitude.

Personally, if I didn't have the moral hang-ups I did when I was back in college, I would've had no problems going the sugar daddy route — alas, that boat has sailed for me. If you're not in the business of taking out private loans and then just declaring bankruptcy down the line (which doesn't always work), there's always another option you could take: FAFSA. 

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid provides students a chance to get fairly low-interest rate education loans for college.

A lot of high school seniors around the country are scrambling to figure out which school they're going to attend and how they're going to pay for said schools, not to mention attempting to secure on-campus jobs and possibly moving out of their homes for the first time, all while saying goodbye to their high school social lives.

And there's no bigger farewell than senior prom. Something that Twitter user @worldwideliz understood and celebrated very well with this "hype" video.