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Source: iStock Photo

The Internet Can't Agree Whether This Woman Who Put Down Her Boyfriend's Dog Deserved to Get Dumped


I want to give you fair warning: This story is tragic and upsetting, especially if you are a dog person. It involves a fatal dog attack, and it's pretty sickening. 

If you have a dog, you probably walk your precious four-legged family member every single day without a problem. Rarely do you encounter aggressive dogs, and when you do, their owners usually know well enough to keep them on a leash and cross the street to avoid confrontation. This story is a tragic reminder that no matter how comfortable you are with your pup outside, it's important to always stay alert.

Reddit user annaAutumn22 recently posted in the Subreddit r/AmITheA**hole. She'd put her boyfriend's dog down without telling him and wanted to know if she was in the wrong for doing so. But this wasn't a malicious act on her part.

First, some background: She has been living with her boyfriend and his dog Luna for two years. He got the 130-pound Great Dane six years ago, and all three of them were extremely close. Anna would often take care of the dog by herself, so it wasn't a big deal when her boyfriend went on a stag trip with his friends for the week. 

She was walking Luna on a leash in a secluded wooded area where they often go. 

Here's what happened next...