Serena Kerrigan Talks About Building Her Instagram Dating Show 'Let's F--king Date' (EXCLUSIVE)

Serena Kerrigan, also known as SFK, spoke exclusively with 'Distractify' about building her new dating show, 'Let's F--king Date.' Details inside!

Gabrielle Bernardini - Author

May 12 2021, Published 4:01 p.m. ET

Serena Kerrigan
Source: Courtesy SFK

Her name is Serena "F--king" Kerrigan... emphasis on the "F--king."

While attending Duke University for her undergraduate degree, the content creator decided to add the expletive as her middle name "because it just felt like a choice of confidence," she said, adding, "the more I tapped into that persona, the more confident I became." 

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Since creating her "larger than life" personality known as "SFK," the New York resident has launched her own brand, the first Instagram Live dating show known as Let's F--king Date, and more.

Distractify spoke exclusively with Serena about building her empire, moments she may (or may not) regret from virtual dating in 2020, and her future projects.

serena kerrigan dating show
Source: Courtesy SFK
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Serena Kerrigan on awkward moments from her dating show, 'Let's F--king Date.'

Before launching Let's F--king Date, Serena worked as a producer for Refinery29 for more than three years. However, in February 2020, SFK decided to quit to pursue other opportunities and focus on building her brand full-time. Fast forward to a few weeks later and New York City shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"Every opportunity I had was gone so I was pretty scared," she said, adding, "I gave myself one day to cry about it." 

Instead of calling it quits on her dream, Serena decided to create content while in quarantine and connected with her followers on Instagram Live. She talked openly with her followers about wanting a "corona boyfriend" while also wondering, '"how do I date?'"

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Serena explained to Distractify that she decided to go live on Instagram and invite men to participate in blind dates. 

So, how did SFK strike lightning in a bottle with Let's F--king Date

Serena told us that the fans were really the driving force behind the project, explaining that they would ask questions and engage in the 30-minute date. Following the blind dates, the influencer held an after-show event, where she invited her followers to provide feedback on how they thought the date went.

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"What we see in dating shows is fake. It’s hyper-produced," she explained as the reason for why her show grew rapidly. "This is all real-time, authentic, you see it all. The technical difficulties, the blunders, the cringy ... but also the beautiful moments and the blushing and the giggling."

While Serena hoped to show dating as a positive experience, there were a few awkward moments on camera. 

The "Queen of Confidence" told us that the wifi connection sometimes made for awkward moments. "There were moments where I nearly lost it because they’re blurry; I can’t hear them. It’s fuzzy. It’s just not good," she said. 

Additionally, Serena explained that on her dating show, "there’s no gimmicks," as it's just you and one other person having a conversation.

Overall, SFK has "no regrets" when it comes to dating 50 men virtually, saying, "I think everything is a learning lesson."

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serena kerrigan dating
Source: Courtesy SFK

SFK will not be virtually dating again.

Though Let's F--king Date was a total success, Serena told Distractify that she's through with virtual dating. 

"I did it beautifully for a year. I learned so much about myself," she said. But with COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, SFK is looking to enjoy her summer: "We’re getting waxed, vaxed, and snatched."

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Instead of focusing on virtual dating, Serena is going to continue to build the Let's F--king Date brand. "We want to be that best friend for Gen Z and Millennials as a guide for dating in this post-pandemic era," she said.

So far, this confidence queen is doing just that. Her company launched a card game (which sold more than 10,000 units), merchandise, and SFK has more projects currently in the works.

Additionally, fans can catch Serena on Season 4 of the hit MTV series Siesta Key

"It's a f--king empire," she concluded. "Period."

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