I wish I was as obsessed with grilled chicken breast and asparagus as I am with chocolate. If that were the case I'd be the most in-shape man in the world. No exaggeration.

But that sadly isn't the way my life panned out. I'm doomed, like most people, to crave cocoa always. Forever roaming the earth like some sad vampire who, instead of chomping down on people's necks, heads to his local Aldi to buy a $1.99 brick of delicious dark German chocolate with Hazelnuts. Crying tears of joy/happiness as I take bite after bite after bite.

But according to this professor, eating chocolate isn't all bad. In fact, it might just get rid of your cough.

Professor Alyn Morice from Hull University in the United Kingdom and self-proclaimed "coughing expert" says that there's tons of research to prove her claim.


If you've got a cough that's irritating your throat, lemon and honey may seem like the obvious choice, but you should be reaching for a Cadbury bar instead. Over-the-counter cough medicines that contained cocoa in them were overwhelmingly better at soothing people's coughs than medicines without.

Other researches at the Imperial College in London found in a separate study that a chemical found in chocolate is better than codeine for coughs.


Theobromine, an alkaloid that naturally exists in cocoa will suppress our urge to cough better than most synthetic remedies on the market. A medicine that's currently undergoing trials called Unicough, which possesses this alkaloid has been found to significantly reduce the frequency of coughs and helped keep people asleep in just two days.

Chocolate's texture has a lot to do with it too: cocoa is thicker than both honey and lemon.


This helps to coat our nerve endings and provide a delectable protective barrier that not only tastes delicious, but inhibits our reflex to cough. By using the "demulcent effect" of keeping our nerve-endings coated in chocolate, the coating also keeps other active ingredients that help to sooth coughs trapped and working on our sensitive nerve-endings for as long as possible.

And since it's been proven that there's only one type of cough, this new research might mean chocolate will find its way into most cough syrups in the future.

It all depends on how the research goes and when/if it's approved for mass use. Until then, maybe try eating the creamiest, richest chocolate you can get your hands on this winter the next time you find yourself coughing uncontrollably.