This $1.5 Million Apartment Somehow Has a Pool in It

The pool is not just in the apartment building. It's in the apartment itself. And yes, there's also a sauna.

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Jul. 29 2020, Updated 3:42 p.m. ET

Have you ever seen an apartment that makes no sense? Like, the entire thing was clearly constructed from a toddler's dream? Well, you're about to. There's a flat in London for sale for £1,200,000 (about $1,500,000). 

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It has two small bedrooms a kitchenette, and a private pool, sauna, shower set up. That's right; the apartment itself has a pool in it. "How does that work?" you might be asking. And the answer is...I have no idea. Twitter user Alice Beverton-Palmer brought our attention to this truly unique flat for sale. The pictures really are something else.

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As one Twitter user pointed out, the entire apartment probably constantly smells like chlorine. When you have a pool in that small a space, the smell probably seeps into neighboring apartments too! 

I don't understand how there's a pool in the apartment in the first place. Unless it's in the basement, it feels like it would be impossible to install a full, in-ground pool in an apartment. Who let this happen?! 

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Probably the same person who installed a glass floor in the level above the pool so you can creepily watch people while they swim in the pool below. What purpose could this possible serve?!

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The apartment listing on Zoopla claims that this apartment is "one of a kind" ... multiple times. Because when there's not a lot of nice things you can say about a place, at least you can say that it's unlike anything anyone's ever seen before. 

It also claims that it's a split level apartment and that there's a spiral staircase that takes you from the upper level down to the pool. But one Twitter user who says he's actually been inside that apartment says the setup was a little different when he went to view it.

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I...have no words. Not only was there no access to the pool when Johnny went to see the apartment, but the pool was drained and had a single armchair in the bottom of it. So the upper level just looked down on an empty, haunted pool that no one could access. 

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How scary would it be if you rented that apartment and then saw a random person (*ahem* ghost) using the pool armchair out of nowhere one day? If I somehow found myself renting this apartment, I'd 100 percent put a rug over that creepy floor window. 

As Luke Bailey writes, the apartment overall has "such deeply chaotic energy." The two tiny bedrooms with single beds really get me. Who do they think is going to buy this apartment? Two single roommates who can afford to pay $1.5 million? 

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This ridiculous apartment looks like something that Tom Harverford and Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Recreation would blow all their money on. It's not a place that I can imagine real people who aren't over-the-top TV characters living in. 

When I close my eyes, I imagine the person who purchases this apartment. They're wearing a low ponytail, a fedora, a gold chain, a shiny tiger shirt, and they also have a pet tiger, who will sleep in the spare bedroom. 

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