Woman Hops in Mailman's Car for Final Day on the Job, Have an Excellent Adventure



It's always awesome when you find someone who truly takes pride in their work. It's especially amazing when they always have a smile for you or fight to have a happy day or inject enthusiasm into a situation no matter what.

Floyd Martin is a person just like that.

1. The mailman of 35 years old was on his last day of the job.

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So Jennifer Brett decided to ride along with him and document his finale route.

2. She took is as an opportunity to tell a little about the man's life.

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But to also let everyone on the internet know what a truly special man he is.

3. And the more their day progressed, the more that became abundantly clear.

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Floyd would hand deliver the mail and strike up conversations with everyone in the neighborhood. Jennifer snapped photos of all the heartfelt interactions he had with the people he's delivered to over the past few years.

4. Floyd confessed that he was going to miss the job.

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Mostly because of all the amazing relationships he built with the people on his route over the years.

5. His biggest fans are children.

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One little girl dressed up as "Mr. Floyd" on career day. She wanted to grow up and be him, that's how infectious his great personality is.

6. Floyd decided to call it quits at 61 years of age.

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The mail truck gets too hot for him in the summer time, and he decided that this was the last route he'd ever make.

7. He's also a big time friend to the neighborhood animals, too.

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He feed the cats and dogs, handing treats to all of them. Whenever they'd see Mr. Floyd come by, they'd all happily run over to him.

8. Floyd's mother's suggested he get a job with the United States Postal Service.

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He regrets that she's not able to see his last day, but he clearly hasn't let that get him down, or stop him from being amicable to everyone on his route.

9. Stop after stop, neighbor after neighbor, visit after visit.

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Everyone had something amazing to say about Floyd Martin.

10. Although he admits it's going to be weird to not deliver mail anymore, Floyd's got some plans after he retires.

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He'd like to go to Hawaii, and he plans on doing a ton of smiling.

11. Despite being out of the mail-delivering game, he's not going to stop seeing the people he's helped serve for 35 years.

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He loves attending local events and had this to say of the people he's developed relationships with over all this time: "Ya'll are my life."

12. People even decided to decorate their mailboxes to help Floyd celebrate his last day.

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They were all decked out and offered words of gratitude and encouragement for the longtime mailman.

13. Some people even shared their favorite memories and moments with Floyd.

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But that wasn't the only surprise the neighborhood had for him.

14. When his shift was done, the community came together to throw a massive block party for the man.

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Over 300 people attended, and everyone brought food and refreshments to the event.

15. Floyd had a few words to say in front of a mailbox with a photo of him that was taken in his youth.

He said that even though he could've ended his job with the USPS a while ago, he didn't because he couldn't stand to leave his community.

16. He's seen children in the community grow into young men and women.

It was a trip for Floyd, and all of it was documented by Jennifer, to honor him.

17. Floyd's a constant source of positive energy.

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One member of the community who has dementia doesn't recognize many people, but she does know who Floyd is and has never forgotten.

18. Everyone wanted to grab a picture with him.

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And Floyd was all too happy to oblige.

19. The man's going to be a local celebrity for a while.

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And was asked to be a celebrity judge for this year's Halloween parade in Atlanta.

20. Floyd was absolutely overwhelmed by the response he's gotten from the community.

He had some parting words for the people of his route.

21. One: that the party they threw was easily the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him.

Also that he just wanted people to smile when they thought of him and that they should "take care of each other." Floyd's the man.

22. Folks got together to launch a GoFundMe for Floyd as well, so he could get that trip to Hawaii finally.

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Here's hoping he'll be sipping on a tasty beverage out of a hollowed-pineapple while chillaxing on a beach.

23. It was all around an amazing affair and people even brought their dogs.

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Floyd Martin is an absolute legend, to find that much joy in one's job and affect that many people over a long-time career is truly an accomplishment.

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