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PETA Slammed for Rejected Super Bowl Ad in Which Animals Kneel for the National Anthem


Animal rights organization PETA has never been known for subtlety or tact. They were the ones who recommended we stop staying "kill two birds with one stone" and start saying "feed two birds with one scone," remember? So it's no surprise that when their newest ad was rejected from the Super Bowl, they decided to post it on Twitter anyway, and then they received a ton of backlash for it. 

The ad, they claim, pays "homage" to Colin Kaepernick's protest against police brutality by having a bunch of animated woodland creatures literally kneel in the forest to #EndSpeciesism. It's jaw-droppingly tone-deaf, equating the fight against police brutality toward black Americans with the effort to get people to quit eating meat. It's a stunning failure, one PETA stands by completely.