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Student and Professor Teamed up To Take Down Cheating Classmate in Epic Revenge Tale



It's not every day you hear a story of a student and a professor, rendered powerless by nepotism, team up to take down a cheating classmate. But luckily, today is that day. This story on Reddit's ProRevenge subreddit is so epic you'll be cheering loudly by the end.

The story happened to OP's friend, Grace, a fashion design student in Korea. Grace had a classmate named Jane, with whom she got along fine at first. Grace is a top design student and makes incredible sketches, mostly of handbags and purses. Grace aced their first major exam with her amazing designs.

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But Jane didn't do as well. She started practically stalking Grace to get her to help her do better. The problem was that she didn't actually want to put in work. 

She wouldn't pay attention when Grace tried to help her, she was late to their study sessions, she never showed appreciation for Grace's extra effort to help her, and so on. According to OP, Grace gave up trying to help Jane after about a week. 

Then came midterm presentations. Jane straight-up stole one of Grace's designs for her midterm. Grace luckily had others that she could present, but "she was seething with rage," according to OP, and I don't blame her. 

Grace didn't hesitate to meet with her professor after the presentations to let them know that Jane stole her work. The professor's reaction was unexpected. They knew what had happened, but they didn't feel they could do anything about it because Jane was the daughter of a chairman of the school. Jane's parent was pretty much blackmailing the professor into giving Jane good grades and letting her bad behavior slide.

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Even though the professor couldn't punish Jane outright, they did help Jane exact devastating revenge. For the final, students had to give another presentation, this time in the presence of several industry professionals who would judge them. The head of the department and the chairman (Jane's parent) would be there too. 

Grace kept a sketchbook of her own designs, but she also had a separate one where she kept well-known designs from major brands. She wouldn't turn them in as her own work, of course, but she'd use them as inspiration and practice. 

Grace got back in good standing with Jane and had study meetings with her, ones where she'd leave the sketchbook full of professional designs out. Meanwhile, she kept her own, real work secret.

Of course, on the day of the presentations, Grace got wonderful feedback, and then Jane stood up in front of a committee of professional fashion designers with her stolen ideas and pretended to pass them off as her own. 

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The judges asked her if she designed these purses by herself, and of course, Jane claimed she did. They made her swear that the designs were hers before they told her they knew 100 percent that these were professional designs and that she'd plagiarized them. 

Jane thought she'd only plagiarized them from Grace; she didn't know they were already on the market because they belonged to extremely popular brands. That's when Jane spilled the beans and yelled, "These aren't even my designs! They are from Grace!"

Grace played the innocent, saying that they were hers but she would never take credit for them; she just uses them as inspiration. At that point, it was clear to everyone that Jane had stolen the designs from Grace and hadn't even realized they were professional.

Remember that Jane's parent, the chairman, has been watching this whole thing unfold. After the presentations were over, the chairman yelled at the professor in front of everyone, not realizing that they'd just revealed the whole blackmail scheme. 

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Jane was kicked out of the school, and the chairman lost all support and had to resign. Grace and her professor, in the end, got exactly the revenge they deserved without ever revealing that they were the ones behind the plot. They trusted that Jane and the chairman would show their true colors if given the opportunity, and they were proven right.

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