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Source: iStock

Uber Driver Probably Saved This Woman Passenger By Pretending to Be Her Boyfriend


We have all heard the horror stories. Women enter Ubers and end up with a stalker or with creepy drivers who take them on roundabout routes and ask them if they have boyfriends. Women enter Lyfts and are sexually assaulted. Every day, women risk their lives doing something that should be safe. But this story is different.

This is the story about an Uber driver who came to the rescue of a woman in a potentially dangerous situation. This is a lesson for men everywhere to learn to accept rejection from women. 

And this highlights how Uber and other ride-share programs can be a force for good, if the right people are employed by them. The woman in this story was very lucky to snag Brandon Gale as her Uber driver. He told the whole story in a now-vial Facebook post.

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