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Thieves Return Stolen Puppy To Little Girl And Twitter Is Overjoyed

Something that scares all pet owners is waking up one day and realizing your little furry friend is missing. It's a truly terrifying thought and reality that doesn't always end well. 

Recently a family in Melbourne, Australia went through this after someone reportedly stole their eight-week-old pup named Sasha during a burglary. This story does have a happy ending though. Sasha was returned to her owner after a few days!

In the interview, her owner explained that his wife woke up one morning and saw Sasha in their backyard. His daughter, who was particularly devastated over the whole thing, was the most excited to see Sasha return. 

The four-year-old daughter isn't the only one who was excited to see Sasha's safe return. 

So let this be a lesson to all would-be thieves out there. Don't steal dogs. It will just eat you up inside.