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Guy Gets Free Vacation After Person With Same Name Drops Out At Last Minute

If you've ever booked a cheap flight, you'll know that it's pretty hard to either get a refund or change the name on the ticket. Twitter user Joe McGrath from Manchester in the United Kingdom knows this all too well, because he claims it landed him a free vacation to Mallorca, Spain. 

He claims that a person he'd never talked to before recently reached out to him on Twitter to explain their predicament. It was a friend's 30th birthday, and they'd booked a surprise trip to the Spanish island, but their friend, also named Joe McGrath, had to drop out at the last second. And since they were unable to change the name on the ticket, they wanted to know if stranger-McGrath wanted to take his place. 

Twitter commenters were somewhat dubious of the claim, though McGrath posted a boarding pass which he says proves his claim. 

But people still have their doubts.

Others had more faith.

While one user claimed to be one of the friends that invited him. 

We really hope that this actually happened, just on the off-chance that it might happen to us one day.