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This Woman Gave Her Kitten A Sweater And He Stole The Internet's Heart

10 months ago

Meet Arlo the Sweater Cat, a kitten who has jumped into viral fame because he just looks so darn cozy in a sweater. And he's got the confidence to pull it off:

Mum made me a new sweater and I won't let her take it off!

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This is not a frumpy winter kitty. Arlo went viral when his person, Twitter user Eden, shared some images of Arlo really feeling himself in his new bright yellow turtleneck pullover. Look at that saucy wink:

Everyone wants to flirt with this kitten, some to such an extent that they drew a human man in a sweater winking at them, which is borderline for me. Arlo is just a kitten, after all:

At least Arlo has no idea what's going on and can continue to enjoy Internet fame as it should be enjoyed—from inside a purse you can hide in:

I like to play in my moms purse (or escape from it when she takes me shopping)

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Or while getting your chin scratched:

ᵐ ᵉ ᵒ ʷ

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Or sleeping on his human's sweater, as most cats do:

Went for a ride to get some things for my new home and I'm all tuckered out

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Oh no, I've fallen in love with Arlo, too!