Catfishing was all the rage a year ago, so it takes something really special to catch everyone's attention with it nowadays. Something along the lines of contacting the person whose photos you stole to catfish someone else so you can get a semester's worth of free textbooks special.

Shania was minding her own business when she received this confession/request combo from a complete stranger.

catfish 1

While the overwhelming majority  of people would've instantly shot down this incredibly unorthodox request in a heartbeat, Shania, who may have had to fork over a small fortune herself for a semester's worth of useless textbooks, decided to help.

catfish 2

The stranger promised that she wouldn't use her pictures to catfish anyone ever again (how kind?) and thanked Shania for taking the extra step to help sell her as the real thing to the much older unwitting donor.

catfish 3

People reacted accordingly, bot for and against her decision to help what was essentially a scammer get free books.





After discussion broke out on how the person would be receiving the books, Shania responded with the answer she received.

And after seeing her go through all that trouble, one user had her interests in mind.

While the ethics behind the exchange can easily be brought into question, as they are with all catfishing pranks, whether you're on the side of the old guy trying to get something out of courting a young girl or the girl pulling off a $1000 heist, it's pretty clear this is going to be a one-time deal. At least we hope so.