Roman Fedorstov regularly goes deep-sea fishing in his native Russia. He regularly catches fish.

And they're regularly terrifying.

Seriously, just look through Roman's Twitter account and try telling me these aren't the most magnificently horrific being you've ever come across outside of a nightmare or some terrible psychotropic trip gone wrong.

Like old Tornado teeth over here.

The Moscow Times posted a few of his startling finds, but the folks over at Gizmodo located his Twitter account and its packed with monsters.

I'm talking legit creepy crawlies you'd find on King Kong's island, or, oh, I dunno, hell.

Roman's reportedly based out of Murmansk Russia, so now you know the exact place on this planet you should never visit.

Try and tell me this isn't a goddamned alien.

You know this thing just eats heads whole.

Ugh, it's mouuuuth.

It's some kind of a hell armadillo.

Apparently Pterodactyls can swim, too.

It's nose looks like a saws all.

If this was in a Sci-Fi movie, it'd totally be poisonous.

It's like an evil butthole.

No see-through skin! No see-through skin!

Strange spike-blobs.

The teeth are a mix of derpy/terrifying.

If this doesn't hang from ceilings and drops acid on you, then I'll be damned.

"Sup, suuuupppp?" Nothing is up. Stay away from me forever please.

I hate jagged little teeth so much.

There is no way this is from this world.

Yeah, yellow eyes. Those are totally normal.

These things definitely explode and a smelly ink all over you which alerts the other monsters to your presence.

It's like a rhino and a fish had a baby.

It looks like the dad from Dinosaurs.

Tell me that thing isn't freaking scowling at the camera!

I don't trust the ocean for a second.