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Jamie Dornan Of '50 Shades' Teaches The 41 Words For 'Drunk' On Jimmy Kimmel

St. Patrick's Day as a child means eating tons of dyed-green food, cutting out shamrocks and Leprechauns and hanging them up on the walls of your classroom, and downing some soda bread.

St. Patrick's Day as an adult means getting drunk. Like absolutely, completely, drunk.

And a lot of it has to do with the stereotype that all Irish people are alcoholics. And stereotypes are usually harmful, even if it is one about a group of people having an affinity for happily parting to the max. And Jimmy Kimmel didn't do the "Irish People Drink To Excess" stereotype any favors by having Irish actor and 50 Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan recite 41 Irish Terms for drunk.

But it's pretty hilarious, I have to admit.
All right so maaaaybe some of the terms aren't ones that are really used all that much.
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Some of the seem kind of flat-out made up.
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This one seems totally legit though, I don't know why Dornan seems so flabbergasted.
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Don't get too fanny-packed out there, kids.