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Fans Mourn Tragic Loss Of Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington

Fans Mourn Tragic Loss Of Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington
Updated 10 months ago

Linkin Park's frontman known for his anguished growling, Chester Bennington, was found dead in his LA home on Thursday. His death is being investigated as a possible suicide. Bennington was 41 and is survived by his six children.

If there was a sound that defined the early 2000s, it was Linkin Park's. The band redefined the rap-rock genre and in addition to racking up millions and millions in record sales, Linkin Park was very much a cross-genre band, performing collaborative tracks with Jay-Z and having a wide user base of fans. Which is probably why so many people were affected by Bennington's passing.

Fellow artists and fans alike flocked to social media to mourn the passing of the singer and offer their tributes to the troubled artist.

His sudden death also sparked a very real conversation about suicide and depression, as well as addiction, given his reported history of alcohol and drug abuse.

People started posting links to suicide prevention hotlines from all over the world.

One fan, Redditor ashjmercs, even provided the most 2000s photo ever she took with Bennington.

And that's exactly how I want to remember him: As the angsty early 2000s screamer who wrote music you immediately identified with. RIP Chester.