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A Woman Asked For Stories Of Girls Supporting Girls And Got Flooded With Responses
8 months ago

A teen named Anyssa Richardson told a very simple story on Twitter earlier this week, and it's inspired a whole bunch of other simple stories that add up to something more complicated: How young women support each other and are kind to other women. 

Richardson told BuzzFeed News that the story she shared about a girl helping her find a salon "made her day" and she just wanted to spread the love.

It's an unfortunate misconception that all girls are competitive, mean-spirited, and petty to one another. Guess it's easier for the patriarchy to keep us down if we're fighting over nail salons! But the responses to Richardson's tale shows that lots of girls have avoided falling into that old stereotype. Girls are cute, girls like when other girls are cute, and every one of these stories made me smile:

There were plenty of people who didn't really get the message, but girls were there to support and correct, as usual:

Small stuff with a big message: