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Bonnie Tyler Is Going To Sing 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart' During The Literal Eclipse

There's a huge solar eclipse happening on Monday, and people are traveling from all over to places where they can best witness it at "totality." A total eclipse, if you would.

Sound familiar?

Time reports that Bonnie Tyler, 80s chart topper, has been hired by Royal Caribbean to headline their Total Eclipse Cruise, which will be positioned at sea to best witness the incredible natural phenomenon. Just as the sun eclipses, everyone watching will be able to hear Tyler singing her number one hit, and people are HERE. FOR. IT.

Tyler says she's been getting her vocals back into shape, because Total Eclipse Of The Heart is an extremely challenging song, which you'd know if you've ever embarrassed yourself by selecting it at karaoke.

"So if anybody hears strange noises coming from my cabin while aboard ship, they’ll know what it is," she told Time.

We'll all be making strange noises probably, because Tyler must conjure some sort of magic out there on the open sea. Just listen to that voice!