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Someone Spotted Something NSFW On Bing's Homepage That's Been Up For Hours

If you're unaware, Bing is Microsoft's search engine. And while it's nowhere near beating Google, it's still believed to be the third most used search engine, after Yahoo. Every day, Bing features an image from somewhere in the world on its homepage. Today, it's a beach. But one Twitter user has spotted something off about it...


Spot it? Unless you're eagle-eyed, probably not. Let's zoom in...


Yeah, that definitely appears to be a penis someone carved into the sand. As of writing, the image is still up, so you can even go and check for yourself

Bing even tweeted the image...

And yes, people noticed on there, too. 

Reddit user velocipenis appears to have been the first to spot the phallic object, and given his username, we're not surprised. Commenters obviously found the whole thing hilarious. And some of the responses are just plain savage...

Hopefully this doesn't get fixed soon. It's hilarious.

Update: Bing has since edited the photo to remove the penis.