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Wrestler Chris Jericho Shuts Down Troll Who Tried To Shame Him About Hurricane Irma

If there's one thing you should know about Chris Jericho, AKA, Y2J, is that the WWE superstar is a fan of the word "idiot" and is an even bigger fan of using that word to correct people who start spouting some nonsense.

Like this heckler he shut down in the middle of a pro-wrestling match.

And he got the chance to do it again, except this time it wasn't on a live TV broadcast - it was on Twitter.

It all started with this AC/DC quote Jericho posted on Twitter with hashtags referencing the devastating Hurricane Irma.

The internet being what it is, someone took offense to the wrestler's tweet and pointed out that quoting song lyrics about a storm during a hurricane probably wasn't the best idea.

The thing is...Jericho was in Florida at the time he sent the tweet, and he was sure to let his Twitter critic know that.

People of course were tickled pink by the wrestler's response - because it was perfectly in character.

She tried saving face after her tweet...

But people weren't buying it.

When it comes to WWE stars, there are fewe more savage than Chris Jericho...and @L1GHTN1NG_SA learned that the hard way.

She has arrived... #HurricaneIrma #JerichoIrma #whattheheckdoeshunkeringdownmean

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