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Sutherland Springs Church Opens For The First Time Since Mass Shooting

Earlier this month, a shoot killed 26 and injured 20 worshipers at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. The deadliest mass shooting by an individual in Texas, and the deadliest shooting in an American place of worship in modern history, the event left many around the nation shocked and shattered the small town of around 600. 

Just one week later, Sutherland Spring held its first Sunday service over the weekend. With the church where the shooting occurred being transformed into a chilling memorial. 


There were 26 white chairs inside the building, each bearing a victim's name painted in gold, including one for the unborn baby of a victim who was pregnant.

Pastor Frank Pomeroy said at the service:

"Rather than choose darkness as that young man did that day, we choose life." 
"I know everyone who gave their life that day," he said, pausing to gather himself. "Some of whom were my best friends and my daughter. "I guarantee they are dancing with Jesus today." 

Others shared their photos from inside the memorial.