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Man Gets His Coat Stolen, And It Eventually Leads To A Fart-Filled Prank War
4 months ago

A month ago, Twitter user Nick Kocher, a writer for Saturday Night Live from New York, lost his coat. That coat just happened to have an envelope addressed to his apartment along with his keys in the pockets. Rather do the sensible thing and change the locks, he installed a Nest security camera so that whoever had the coat wouldn't be able to "murder [his] face off."

Fast forward a few weeks and Kocher has to leave  town, and he lets his friend, Jon Bass, crash at his space. The interesting thing about a Nest security camera is that it texts you a video every time someone enters views. 

So as any good friend would do, Kocher decided to spy on Bass. 

And then Kocher discovered that he can project his voice through the Nest. It goes without saying that he decided to have some fun...

Well that turned out OK in the end.