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Photo Of Six Soldiers Hiding In Woods Emerges Online—And Nobody Can Find Them

4 months ago

The British Army's Household Cavalry engaged with social media over Christmas weekend by teasing followers on Twitter with a little puzzle. You're in a forest, and you're surrounded by soldiers. The soldiers are keeping you safe, they're not attacking you. But they are hiding, and they will not show themselves. Can you see them?


Am I crazy, or is that a bunch of trees? Why can't they just come out and stand around the campfire with me? It seems like no one can see them:

So the Household Cavalry made it a little "easier."

Sorry, guys, that's not much better.

Then on Boxing Day, the soldiers were revealed! Or they stepped out from behind the tree obscuring them, at least. 

Okay, that was a fun game, but here is a relevant question:

Some of these guys are great at camo, and some are just great at standing behind an object larger than them. Either way, I'm even more terrified of the woods than I was before. Thanks, Household Cavalry!