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A New Mom Experimented With Drinking Again And Things Went South Fast

A New Mom Experimented With Drinking Again And Things Went South Fast
1 month ago

Usually in January, I like to take a month off from drinking. It helps my wallet, my waistline, and clears my head. 

But after thirty days: game on.

I cannot imagine taking nine months off of drinking, but that's what every responsible mom does while she's growing that little babe inside. But when the kid is out? Things are gonna get cray.

Some people don't like moms joking about drinking, of course.

Others understand that wine is life:

And some are figuring out where they fit on the divide for the first time.

New mom Emily Stafford is doing great:

She's especially great now that she's gone viral for her first post-pregnancy adventure out on the town.

Her sister Josie caught Emily on camera enjoying a drink for the first time since giving birth. For some reason, she was put in charge of the frozen pizza the ladies were enjoying. I'll tell you one thing, pregnancy did not do anything to Emily's aim:

Oh my god. 

Everyone loves watching Emily absolutely nail the oven with that frozen pizza, and the subsequent hysteria of her tipsy family:

Some maybe too much:

But everyone found something to relate to, especially the feeling when you laugh so hard no sound comes out. Rare, but memorable:

Emily is enjoying the fame, and it looks like she's got a baby who is, too.

Be proud of your mom. She should be in the Big Leagues.