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Boston Cops Build Refuge For Stray Cat Who Basically Lives On Their Base

By Mark Pygas

I've heard of bodega cats and firehouse dogs, but what about a SWAT cat? Apparently the special weapons and tactics team that serves the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston has a calico cat as their adopted pet and mascot and I for one am here for it. After all, cats are resourceful, nimble, and stealthy, which are all great qualities for a SWAT team member. 

If you are a cat lover at all, you'll beam with pride at the amazing condo situation they've constructed for their feline friend. It's honestly nicer than my first dorm room, and I'm not exaggerating. It might also be bigger (that is only a slight exaggeration). Seriously, this cat is living her best life.

Boston Police in the Roxbury neighborhood have been feeding the same calico cat they've dubbed “SWAT Cat” since she first showed up in 2013. Why is she called SWAT Cat? She's especially fond of sneaking into the department's Special Weapons and Tactics base. But as a police spokesman told ABC News, they grew concerned when the cat disappeared for a few months, only to show back up recently.