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Source: facebook

Death of 19-Year-Old Who Couldn't Afford Inhaler Fuels Conversation About Asthma Meds


A 19-year-old's mother is saying that her daughter would still be alive if asthma medication didn't cost so much.

For some reason, the topic of healthcare is a very hot button issue that basically boils down to two parties: people who think that governments who tax their citizens should allocate a portion of funding to ensure that citizens are kept healthy, and another group that thinks the burden of that cost should primarily be the individual's responsibility.

It's a discussion that gets people really worked up, more so even than military spending and education, which you'd imagine would get more citizens all up in arms, but, here we are.

No matter what you believe is "right", there's no getting around the fact that if a person's health is their responsibility, there's going to be a great inequity between the quality of care and service a person who's poor receives versus someone who is rich.

This goes beyond even just discussions about one's ability to afford home health aids and additional hospice care, but one's ability to afford life-saving medications as well. There are people who become ill or die every single day just because their situation in life prohibits them from purchasing the pharmaceuticals they need.

Something that Cathy Worboys, the mother of Holly Worboys, knows all too well.