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Arnold Schwarzenegger Asks Donald Trump To ‘Switch Jobs’ So America Can Sleep At Night

By Mustafa Gatollari

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the definition of the American Dream. The guy came over here with nothing but his intelligence and an amazing physique. Before he ever starred in any movies or won bodybuilding competitions, he became a millionaire by buying and selling property. He then worked his way into Hollywood and became the biggest box office draw of his time, married a Kennedy, became the Governor of California, and is now back in movies and TV.

And he started as just a kid from Austria with a dream and willingness to do anything to accomplish it. It's kind of hard not to love or respect the man, even if he was caught cheating on his wife and had a kid outside his marriage.

But there's at least one person who isn't a fan of Arnold for sure, and that's current President Donald Trump, who wanted the world to know that 'The Apprentice" was worse off with the Governator now heading the program.