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Chrissy Teigen Made Fun Of Her Own On-Air Wardrobe Malfunction During The Super Bowl

Chrissy Teigen Made Fun Of Her Own On-Air Wardrobe Malfunction During The Super Bowl
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Updated 1 year ago

Being body positive is a pretty awesome thing. To be comfortable and confident in your own skin must feel great. I say must because I honestly don't know what that feels like. Despite working out regularly, I still eat like crap and am self-conscious when it comes to my hip, belly, and spare tire fat. Taking off my shirt around people is something I definitely dread. 

But it doesn't really matter what I look like to people, for the most part, because no one really cares/expects me to be in incredible shape. Not as much as movie stars or celebrities, for example. People actually had the gall to say that Lady Gaga had a belly during the Super Bowl show and, well, I'm sorry, but, wearing tight pants that push up a bit of your skin isn't exactly a belly. 

Whenever you're in the public eye, everything you do is looked at with a microscope. And this Super Bowl was no different. 

Hell, even if you weren't in the halftime show and just sitting in a booth trying to enjoy the game, like Chrissy Teigen was, you weren't safe.

That's right, people were watching Chrissy so closely that they managed to see her nipple peaking out from her netted shirt under her jacket on nationally broadcast television. 

And even though there were plenty of people obsessing over the fact that they glimpsed Teigein's areolas, Chrissy herself didn't think it was that big of a deal.

She sent out a tongue-in-cheek tweet herself and even linked to someone else's tweet that contained video footage of the freed nipple. Proving yet once again that she can make a joke out of anything. 

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