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Women Share The Compliments They Hate The Most


A few weeks ago I was playing a video game online when another player catcalled my female avatar. So, ladies, I get it. I completely understand your experience of getting cat called on the street. I am woke now.

I know exactly how stressful it is to have an elf with two swords riding a falcon ambush you with what he thinks are compliments. I know that trying to be nice back because you’re afraid he might get angry and launch a fireball at you and take your helmet that you spent weeks trying to get it. I also know the sheer relief when you open your social menu and click the mute button. 

Turns out though some fellows have not had this very eye opening and very accurate experience. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to learn, or maybe it’s because they are filthy noobs who don’t even know the difference between a kobold and a troll. Whatever the case may be, take note gentlemen.   

1. Forward.

 One time a guy in high school said he liked my smile and wanted to cum on my dimples. It was the first time we had met