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A Porn Site Is Teaching Sex Ed Because Utah Won't

A Porn Site Is Teaching Sex Ed Because Utah Won't
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Updated 1 year ago

We're all familiar with the porn site xHamster. Like, we've probably all spent countless hours on there watching things we're ashamed of...right? Great! That is going to save me a lot of explaining.  

Anyway, here's something that might surprise you about xHamster. Recently, the site started routing users in Utah to sex education videos after Utah lawmakers rejected a bill that would have allowed parents to give their children permission to take a comprehensive sex-ed classes rather than the abstinence-only education Utah schools currently offer.  


In an official statement xHamster said, “Beginning immediately, we’re rerouting all xHamster traffic from Utah to our comprehensive sex ed series, The Box, we’ve been working on The Box since last year, producing videos based on questions submitted by porn viewers.”   

The Box is a series of educational videos where they answer user based questions. They answer questions about queefs, anal sex, birth control, and whatever else people want to learn about.  

This is actually a big step for sex education. Believe it or not, Utah has more porn subscribers than any other state according to a 2009 study

So how do these lawmakers feel about porn stepping up and educating the public? About as well as you'd think.  

The bill's sponsor, Brian King, said, "I refuse to be passive in the light of aggressive efforts by pornography sites across the world in attempting to reach our children and and educate them about sex ed." It is also worth mentioning a bill that did get passed in Utah was to declare porn a "public health hazard." 

I know he's trying to do the right thing and educate children but he should bare in mind that porn is not the enemy here. It's not like xHamster wants to take this burden upon themselves, ya know? In response to Rep. King's statement xHamster said the following on their site, “While we love porn, we don’t think that it should be relied on for sex ed any more than Star Wars is a substitute for science class.” 

In the meantime, Utahans are just going to have to educate themselves.  

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