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People Are Mocking This Gun Confiscated By Police For One Very Surprising Reason

People Are Mocking This Gun Confiscated By Police For One Very Surprising Reason
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1 year ago

Baltimore Police Department took to Facebook last week to announce that officers had arrested a man with a loaded handgun during traffic stop. Keith Gladden, a 36-year-old repeat offender, is banned from from possessing a firearm. 

That may sound like good news to you, but Facebook can't stop laughing about it. Why? Because this is the gun they confiscated... 

Eastern District Officers arrest man with a loaded handgun during traffic stop On March 1, 2017, officers from the...

Posted by Baltimore Police Department on jueves, 2 de marzo de 2017
As you can image, Facebook commenters are glad that the police department are keeping us safe from this 18th century criminal.
" I was under the impression that John Wilkes Booth was no longer alive," one commenter wrote.
Another added:
"Tries to warn the citizens of Baltimore that the British are coming... gets pulled over." 
"This is the first gun you have access to in Grand Theft Auto: Gettysburg," one commenter joked.  
This is our favorite:
"If it pleases the Peasants, brave Constables wish to inform us they have apprehended a young rapscallion armed with a pepperbox whilst operating his horseless carriage." 
While others provided a description of the criminal:
"Officers also recovered a monocle, top hat, and distressed damsel." 
Another didn't know why people were joking about something so serious.
"People joking about this thing are sick. That gun could take down your horse with one shot and put a hole through your cloak after a lengthy reloading process!" 
One commenter was concerned that he might be a British spy.
"Y'all worried about Muslims when we got armed Redcoats walking around." 
Onw thought that people were being too harsh on him:
"Geez people, cut the guy some slack. He's survived polio, the plague, and the civil war. He needs this gun to begin his new life on the wild frontier."
Others thought he might be a time traveler. Or Nicholas Cage.
"Someone bail this man out quick! He's only got three hours to return to the time portal to 1776 or it'll close forever and then we'll all be speaking in British accents!" 
"Some cop just stopped Nicholas Cage from figuring out the last of the riddle in National Treasure 17. Now we're all doomed." 
"This was a typo. I think they meant to say they apprehended a 136 year old suspect still trying to protect The Knights Templar treasure."
"Everyone is talking about the gun but were just going to ignore the fact that this man is obviously a time traveler with a time machine?" 
One commenter joked:
"He was out for blood on the Oregon Trail, someone must have stolen his prized bison…" 
Another added:
"Did he fire one shot, or zero? Well to tell you the truth in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself... you've gotta ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?" 
The post quickly racked up more than 120,000 shares, with the Baltimore Police Department offering their own take on the weapon.
"If it pleases the court, we will ensure we safeguard this firearm and ensure the safety of all in the village of Lord Baltimore." 
"Whilst this young lad possessed this weapon illegally, his punishment shall not include that of public stoning nor shaming." 
"He therefore shall be recommended as a candidate for reenactment just up the road in Gettysburg." 

That'll show those Brits.

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