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Employee's Rick Astley April Fools' Prank Made Him The Most Hated Coworker

Employee's Rick Astley April Fools' Prank Made Him The Most Hated Coworker
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1 year ago

The Rick Roll. The old prank that'll persist until the end of time. I don't think there's a single person in the world who'll admit that baiting someone into watching this incredible music video is lame. Well...except for maybe this guy.

Getting caught with a Rick Roll is an extremely humbling experience, because no one likes getting played, but also because the song is pretty good. I mean who'd have expected such a powerful voice to come out of a dude who looks like a plucky squire from a '60s British film set during Medieval England?

But sometimes, the Rick Roll can become dangerous. Sometimes, it has unforeseen consequences, like destroying a bunch of old computers at this guy's office.

Reddit user Bcox2294 thought it'd be funny to troll his entire office by playing the iconic 1987 ballad in a hidden tab at low volume on all the work computers.

Let's share some kindness today #🙌🙌🙌

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 But then, the prank went sour.

 Most April fool's day I don't do anything, but last night I was the last one in the office and decided to prank a few of my less techy coworkers. The first thing I did was turn off auto sleep, then I pulled up a fake update website and full screened it so unless they pressed F11 they couldn't exit the browser. The last thing I decided to do was play Rick Astley's 'Never Going to Give You Up' in a new tab at low volume so it would just mildly disturb them. Now that the prank was set up I turned the video on loop and full screened the fake update, and then I went home. When I came in the next day I was excited to see how they would react but when I got to the office I didn't hear any Rick Astley, but I did see a few irritated coworkers. Apparently on the old office computers it had overheated from running all night and now the computers won't turn on. Now I owe several hundred dollars in computer repairs and I am probably the least favorite in the office :(TL;DR tried to prank coworkers with Rick Astley, ran the YouTube video all night, in the morning multiple computers were bricked. Now I owe several hundred dollars and I am now the least favorite in the office. 

Some redditors were utterly baffled at how old OP's office computers were.

I worked for a computer refurbisher and this makes no sense. We've even made small python scripts to force overheating, the computer just turns off. I'm talking about old machines. If they had safeguards in place, I can't imagine what you guys call a computer in your office. 

Others are saying that he ended up doing his office a favor.

 If a YouTube video is enough to brick a computer, your office needs new computers. 
 OP is forcing them to embrace current technology. He's a hero they need, but don't deserve. 

Maybe Ole' Rick Astley was tired of being the butt of everyone's jokes, so he found a way to strike back.

I've got quite a few shows lined up over the next couple of months... I'm ready.

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Or maybe OP's just lying through their teeth and is trolling us about a Rick Roll prank...that's some Rick Roll inception right there. What do you think?

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