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These New 'Bubble' Face Masks Make You Look Like A Friendly Monster

These New 'Bubble' Face Masks Make You Look Like A Friendly Monster
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1 year ago

Do sheet face masks even work? The beauty market is saturated with these things, in all shapes and colors, and they're great for a selfie and a few minutes of sitting relatively still. But do they actually help your pores? That's what the new Korean beauty invention 'Bubble' masks supposedly do, yet all the results I'm seeing are SQUISHY FACE OMG:

That incredibly viral image from Reddit user ZeApollo has set off a Bubble mask selfie competition across social media. Everyone wants to look like a cloud who wants to be your best friend, or a loofah scrub come to life, or the mold in your lunchbox. They're both terrifying and adorable, as you can see for yourself:

God morgen og god langhelg ! 😂 #Ebay #BubbleMask #Weekend #GoodMorning #MrsCloud #cloudy

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Bubble bubble away!!!!! #bubblemask #funnyshit #facialmasks

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If you want to try it out for yourself, Pop Sugar reports that Bubble masks are sometimes called "oxygen masks." Maybe they're called that because you actually float away on your own face, high up into the sky where the air is clean! Or maybe they just want to make them impossible to Google. Don't accidentally order any medical equipment, guys.

Would you try one?

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