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Man Yells At Car For Puzzling Reason And Gets Instant Karmic Reaction

By Aimee Lutkin

Reddit user chiefstreet posted a twenty second YouTube clip on Thursday that is basically a one act play. The footage appears to be from a dash cam or GoPro in the front of a car. The driver stops at a light as a man in a red hat and his adorable cocker spaniel start to cross. The guy seems to be annoyed that the driver took the stop kind abruptly, or maybe he's mad that he didn't hit his horn? It's a little unclear, but he definitely seems mad, taking the whole crosswalk distance to gesture rudely at the person behind the wheel. 

And then...Karma steps in:

As many commenters pointed out, the funniest part of the video isn't necessarily when he face plants into a pole, but his reaction right after, when he turns towards the driver as though they had planned exactly this outcome all along: