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No One Roasted Trump Harder For His Paris Accords Decision Than The Weather Channel


Imagine telling a doctor how he's supposed to perform open heart surgery. They dedicated their entire lives and all of their finances to become experts in that field of study and practice. Knowing that, it would be insane for me, you, or anyone to not only question their skillset, but outright deny their ability to perform their job and instead opt for a sitting in some hot springs because folklore states that the earth will heal the heart that way.

If the above scenario seems completely ridiculous and downright idiotic to everyone, then why do people suddenly shift gears when scientists start speaking about climate change and global warming as if it were nothing more than a hat trick argument they pull out to fool the public into adopting changes that would benefit the future of the planet and its inhabitants? Well strap in, folks.

Trump stunned not only environmental activists, scientists, and leaders of the world with the news that he plans on pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, but he managed to shock members of his own staff with the announcement as well.

The Donald explained the reasoning behind his unpopular plan by saying, "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris," but when Pittsburgh itself is telling Trump that they stand behind the Paris climate accords, well, it's difficult to understand just who benefits other than some businesses who are restricted by the agreement's policies.