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No One Roasted Trump Harder For His Paris Accords Decision Than The Weather Channel

No One Roasted Trump Harder For His Paris Accords Decision Than The Weather Channel
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1 year ago

Trump stunned not only environmental activists, scientists, and leaders of the world with the news that he plans on pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, but he managed to shock members of his own staff with the announcement as well.

The Donald explained the reasoning behind his unpopular plan by saying, "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris," but when Pittsburgh itself is telling Trump that they stand behind the Paris climate accords, well, it's difficult to understand just who benefits other than some businesses who are restricted by the agreement's policies.

There have also been tons of US-based businesses, individual state governors, senators, and members of Congress who've vowed to abide by the regulations put forth by the Paris accords for the good of the planet.

But it was The Weather Channel who took one of the most surprisingly shade-filled and savage responses to Trump's announcement - and people are loving it.

That's because TWC basically dedicated its entire homepage to roasting Donald Trump with individual stories and blunt headlines that spell out how wrong he is.

It's hard to imagine a time when meteorologists were so political, but who has better knowledge of the very real and severe impact of global warming?

This Twitter user perfectly explains why it's such a big, big move.

And it appears to have had the desired effect.

Of course, the jokes came rolling in.

It was a pretty big statement made from a source no one would have expected.

Which is probably why it's so, so good.

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