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Source: Instagram

Cadbury Chocolate And Oreo Cookies Have Come Together In An Unholy Union


For most people, staying away from overly savory foods is easy. Ask a person to cut out potato chips and french fries from their diet and they usually can. Staying away from bread is a bit harder, but there are tons of people who have no issue doing that either. Fried foods? Not a problem, just switched to grilled variants of the same dishes and enjoy your ever-shrinking waistline. Except there's one problem, there's a little thing called sweets. And they exist. And they're delicious. Specifically chocolate and specifically cookies. And when it comes to chocolate that's easily accessible and ridiculously yummy, Cadbury makes it very difficult for anyone to stick to their diet. Oreos are another culprit. Eating the recommended serving size of Oreos takes the patience and discipline of like a level 99 Tibetan Monk. That kind of resistance to temptations of the creme and chocolate biscuit flesh is otherworldly.

And if you were planning on cutting out sweets for good for a while, then we've got some bad news for you. Because Oreos will never be done experimenting on our minds and hearts with new flavor combos. Pop Sugar reports that Cadbury Chocolate Oreos are now out there, and they're tormenting us: