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President Trump Shares GIF That Shows Him Hitting Hillary With Golf Ball

President Trump Shares GIF That Shows Him Hitting Hillary With Golf Ball
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9 months ago

Hey, remember when Donald Trump once retweeted a poorly animated GIF of one of his WWE appearances, where he clotheslines a person that has the CNN logo on their face?

Yep, our president actually did that. There was a lot of backlash to the retweet, mainly because it's something a 13-year-old would do to try and make a "serious" point about the politics of specific media agencies. Or as a joke, you know, in a kind of look-at-how-dumb-this-gif-is-lol kind of joke.

Well, it looks like Trump is at it again with retweeting GIFs, because the president just retweeted this GIF of him clubbing Hillary Clinton in the back with a golf ball.

The GIF came as part of a reply to this recent tweet of Trump's, where he still, months after securing the presidency, continues to talk smack about Clinton.

Criticizing the former Secretary of State was a huge part of Trump's campaign, but with the President getting shut down by both the Senate and Congress despite having a Republican majority house, many are wondering if that's all Trump is capable of doing to garner support from his constituents, aside from disparaging those who have retired from active office.

Other people who saw Trump's retweet were in disbelief.

The retweet also had others who missed having a president who acted with some dignity speaking out.


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