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Source: getty

White House Reporter For ‘The New York Times’ Just Said He’s Deleting His Twitter

By Mark Pygas

New York Times White House correspondent Glenn Thrush has announced that he plans on deleting his account calling social media "too much of a distraction." He tweeted, "Hey folks — I've decided to delete my Twitter account at midnight. Too much of a distraction. DM me for contact info. Thanks for reading!" 

Thrush has since clarified that he won't delete his account, fearing that someone would grab his account name and pose as him, he simply will just cease tweeting. "As many of you told me...actually deleting a Twitter account turns out to be a terrible idea. So it's simply going dormant. Cheers." As he further explained, his publication insisted that he maintained the inactive account, just in case "someone bad" snatched up the name and handle and began tweeting as Glenn Thrush, without people realizing it was an imposter.