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Chipotle Employee Recognizes Man She Alleges Robbed Her After Taking His Order

By Zachary Brenner

Any good thief will tell you that it is important to lay low after you commit a crime. However, sometimes doing the most ordinary of tasks can still get you caught afterwards. 

Recently in Brooklyn, New York a robbery victim recognized the man who allegedly robbed her months earlier when she took his order at Chipotle. A few months ago, the victim, who has not been identified, was in her home with her two roommates when three robbers came in through the fire escape, tied them up, covered them with a blanket and made away with $1,500, according to the NYPD.

After she recognized the man at the Chipotle in the King's Plaza shopping center she confronted him, at which point he reportedly took off. However, security cameras caught footage of the man, which has since been shown to police, who now know who they are looking for.