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Source: Twitter

Man Successfully Shoves 459 Straws Into His Mouth--And We're Beyond Impressed


A man in India named Manoj Kumar Maharana has been working hard to really accomplish something while the rest of us have just been sitting on our butts in front of the computer: breaking a Guinness World Record. 

What record you might ask? Well that's a good question cause it's one you probably didn't know existed. The record for most straws in your mouth at once. Hold the gasp.

It's crazy how many oddball records people really work to break. Half the time it makes you wonder how the records even started in the first place, it feels like they're basically invented on the spot and Guinness is like, yep we can do that.

Well as of yesterday, the organization announced news that Maharana has officially broken an eight year record for most straws in a person's mouth, coming in at 459.