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Source: facebook

Breastfeeding Mom Says She Was Kicked Off Spirit Airlines Flight For Nursing Son Before Take-Off


For one reason or another, some people seem to think that moms shouldn't be allowed to breastfeed in public. We've seen moms kicked out of weddings for breastfeeding, shamed at Disneyland, and even thrown out of church for daring to feed their kids.

And now, a breastfeeding mom who also happens to be an acclaimed concert pianist and a cancer researcher, claims she was thrown off a Spirit Airlines flight for breastfeeding her son.

Mei Rui was supposed to catch a flight from her hometown of Houston to Newark on Friday, for a recording of one of the clinical cancer studies she's working on in New York City. Rui's mother and father were coming along on the trip, as was her 2-year-old son.