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Woman Shares Unexpected Photo Of Her And Her Fiance--And People Are Loving It

Woman Shares Unexpected Photo Of Her And Her Fiance--And People Are Loving It
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Updated 7 months ago

The ancient Greeks' idea of fate wasn't always romantic. Not unless you think answering the riddle of a giant Sphinx to become the leader of a land and eventually having kids with your own mother is romantic. According to the Greek tragedians, fate is downright diabolical. 

But somewhere down the line, fate took on a happier, more inspiring tone. Movies and stories about people overcoming insurmountable odds because of some fateful birthright are everywhere. I mean, what's the tale of Harry Potter about if not fate? I'm pretty sure there are tons of kids out there in the world who are still waiting for that letter to Hogwarts to give their lives meaning.

And you just know there are tons of couples out there that like to talk about their personal love stories as if it was serendipity. That destined one true love eventually found their way to them, or because they both refused to settle for another person, they eventually found each other and are living together, happily ever after.

It's enough to make one roll their eyes in disgust (I mean, how many people really find their truest of true loves?) and in this day and age especially, it's easy to be cynical about anything good. However, one couple's awesome discovery might just make you give credence to this whole fate thing.

Verona Koliqi and Mirand Buzaku recently got engaged. You can see her elation when he proposed, which is exponentially magnified when set against the backdrop of disinterested individuals chomping down on Mediterranean cuisine in this amazing photo.

She said yes!💍

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Interesting backgrounds in Verona's photographs seem to be a running theme in her life. One that dates back to her childhood, in fact.

Because it turns out that Verona and Mirand unknowingly inhabited the same space years before they started dating, or even talking to one another.

While looking through family photos, Verona showed her man pics of a family vacation they took to Montenegro when they were younger. That's when her husband to be noticed a kid rocking a familiar shorts and shirt combo on a pool floaty in the background.

Turns out that that boy in the background was none other than Mirand himself.

He asked his family if they visited that beach in Montenegro and they confirmed that yes, they vacationed at the same spot... So that boy in Verona's picture is totally a young Mirand.

The couple may have started dating in 2016, but it turns out they crossed paths well before then. The funny thing is, they're not the first couple this has happened to. 

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There were these lovebirds that not only met in preschool, but were apparently inseparable BFFs when they were younger. Years went by and after the two hit it off, they discovered that they were the love of each other's lives way before they started dating.

In 2010, there was also this story of a couple who met as kids in Disney World and didn't know until years later.

There's probably tons of instances like this floating around on the internet. It's enough to make you believe in fate...or you know, just a series of crazy coincidences, in case you wanted to be a curmudgeon about it.

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